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Hedging and Trimming in Lambeth Made Easy

24Feb 2015

hedge trimming

The garden in Lambeth can be a fun and calming place to be. You can spend many hours there simply enjoying the weather, eating, spending time with friends and amiably, playing with pets and children, cultivating plant life, engaging in gardening hobbies and much more. It is a peaceful place that you customise to your liking by adding various features and fauna to match your tastes and needs. In order to enjoy the garden though, a lot of work has to be done. Lawn care, weed control, patio cleaning and more all have to be performed on a regular basis so that it remains a clean and orderly place. Another step you face is hedge trimming and pruning. Seeing to your plants and hedges, ensuring that they are trim can be a tough chore. If you want at manage this step successfully and simply, keep reading.

regular hedge cutting

Hedges and plants will grow quickly in the SW9 area and it can be soon after they have been cut that you notice they are back to the length they were beforehand. This means that you will have to engage in the task on a regular basis and so you must set aside a time and day each week or so to do this. Doing the job done consistently will mean that your bushes will remain a consistent length. Choose a period when you can dedicate time to getting the task done. It must be an occasion you won’t be busy and you won’t be rushed. A set time and date keeps it in your mind so that you don’t forget to do it and you will be adequately prepared. As hedges get older, they will need to be trimmed less often but you should keep an eye on them so you can keep them the ideal length.

garden care

It’s essential that you check your hedges before you start cutting them. See if anything has become tangled within them such as litter, aplitic bags, etc and remove them. If not, it can cause problems and accidents as you work. If you find that animals have taken shelter in your hedges in Lambeth, SW4 then you will have to leave them and wait for the creatures to move out on their own accord before the bushes can be trimmed.

hedge pruning tools

Using the right equipment for your hedging and pruning is essential. Hedge shears come in various forms so it’s important that you use the ones right for you. Manual hedge trimmer can be simple to use and to store. Simply cut away at your hedges with the scissor like tool and you can slowly get your hedges the way you want them. Electric and gasoline powered trimmers can be more difficult to operate and more expensive but they will yield swifter results. If you aim to buy one of these do some research first to ensure you get one that is safe and reliable.

garden waste removal

You can be left with a big mess after trimming your bushes in Lambeth and so you should be set to get things clean. A garden clean up can take a while but is essential so things look neat and pleasant. A broom and some waste bags are all you need to do this step, as you can simply sweep everything up and place them into the bag. Make sure that your garden waste is placed in the proper bin for your rubbish collection. If you leave the leave and branches left over from this, they can spread all across your garden and into neighbour’s gardens, so it is vital you do this as soon as you are finished.

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