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Terms & Conditions

The conditions detail the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of every party involved in this agreement. When the phrases 'you' or 'your' are used, they will be seen to refer to the customer; while ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ is mean Beautiful Garden; ‘teams’ ‘providers’ will be used to refer to the subcontractors used to handle the gardening services. The current terms and conditions are liable to change and/or be amended subject to prior written notice. We draw your attention to our policy regarding cancellation in Clause 4 of the contained Terms and Conditions.

1. Introduction

1.1 Before you commit yourself to the contract, we request that you check the details within the terms and conditions used on the order confirmation as being complete.

2. Bookings and Confirmation

2.1 You are required to provide us with a precise description and accurate information regarding the size of your garden at the time of booking. We reserve the right to alter, amend or change the quote should extra work be required.

2.2 It is possible that we may cancel the order should you provide incomplete, inaccurate or incorrect information. Alternatively, we may charge an additional, reasonable amount designed to cover the extra work required.

2.3 You are required to provide us with access to your property, whether by making available a set of keys before service is initiated or by ensuring someone is present and able to provide access on the day.

2.4 We will reserve a slot for service performance once the job has received confirmation. It should be noted that this confirmation regarding the time remains an estimate as there may be extenuating circumstances, such as bad weather and traffic events.

2.5 It is deemed to be your responsibility to arrange parking space on the day of the service. This can sometimes involve contacting the local district council in order to obtain a parking permit or suspension. Should any fees or fines be incurred, these will be deemed payable by the customer.

2.6 There may be extra charge for homes located outside of the M25 (based on distance) or a charge of £11.50 to cover the congestion charge. It should be noted that our prices remain subject to all of our terms and conditions.

2.7 Should the team be required to travel further than three miles in order to collect or deposit the property keys, there will be an extra charge related to the distance that has been travelled to do so.

3. Pricing and Payment:

3.1 We base our prices on the information and images provided by you. As such, we maintain the right to alter quotes and order confirmations should we feel the need.

3.2 When services are offered by Beautiful Garden, they are to be paid in cash directly to the operatives following the completion of the service.

3.3 These prices relate to the minimum possible charge as it pertains to the relevant service provided.

(a) The minimum rate we offer for any service accounts for a fee charged for two hours (£78.) Our prices are based on the customers’ information and we use an estimate to reach the most accurate rate possible. Should jobs take longer than originally thought, these same hourly rates will be applied. This is £45 for a pair of gardeners for the initial hour, and £33 for each hour thereafter. Should the job demand less time than originally thought, you will receive a charge related according to the time taken to complete the job (while accounting for the minimum charge of £78.)
(b) It should be noted that up to three bags (size: 180 Litres) of garden waste will be included in the cost. Each bag thereafter will result in a £3 additional charge.
(c) Our jet wash results in a minimum charge of £48, though if the area is bigger than 20 square metres, there will be an extra charge of £2 for each additional square metre.

4. Cancellation and Re-schedule of Appointments:

4.1 We reserve the right to make a charge of £15 should you reach the decision to cancel or reschedule the appointment with less than twenty four hours’ notice before the job begins.

4.2 Should you decide to cancel the garden service upon the arrival of the gardening team to the property, we maintain the right to charge a cancellation fee. This will be £20 and is designed to cover travelling expenses.

5. Services:

5.1 Our team require adequate water resources and lighting to be available in the garden in order to deliver the best professional and high quality service possible.

5.2 If there is an instance where either the wellbeing or the health of our teams is compromised – whether due to a hazardous environment or otherwise – we reserve the right to cancel an order and services. In these instances, we will not be held liable for fees or charges incurred by the customer from any third parties following the service not being carried out.

5.3 A representative is required to be present following the completion of the work in order to approve, inspect, and sign off on the work. Should no one be present, the service will be taken as accepted.

5.4 We always strive to complete work on time, however delays may be a possibility due to circumstances outside of our control. In these instances, we will look to complete the order as soon as this is reasonably possible.

5.5 Subcontracting of the services is a right which we reserve at all times.

These terms and conditions pertain to all services provided by Beautiful Garden.

It should be noted that www.beautifulgarden.org.uk always seek to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. All complaints that are not filed within seven working days after the service provision will not be resolved or dealt with.