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quote It's rare to come across a company that consistently delivers top-quality work like Gardening Services. My yard now looks amazing thanks to their expert team, and I've already recommended them to my friends.

  • T. Kaushal
  • 19Jun 2024

quote The skilled gardeners from London Gardeners are simply amazing. They worked tirelessly on my lawn, expertly cutting the grass and getting rid of any unsightly weeds or overgrown shrubs.

  • Hazel Swanson
  • 11Jun 2024

quote The consistently excellent work done by Beautiful Garden Landscapers's team of gardeners has earned my utmost respect and admiration.

  • Andy Baker
  • 03Jun 2024

quote Their service is truly exceptional. My yard looks pristine and expertly maintained thanks to their skillful work. Always on time and reliable, I highly suggest them for all your lawn care needs.

  • David Miller
  • 26May 2024

quote My experience with London Gardeners has been nothing short of outstanding since I started using them for all my gardening needs about a year ago. Their reliability, helpfulness, and superior workmanship make them an excellent choice for gardening services.

  • Lyle Greasley
  • 18May 2024

quote Astoundingly quick turnaround time and unbeatable prices set this service apart from the rest. Would highly recommend.

  • Jean T.
  • 10May 2024

quote No task is too big or small for this competent and reliable gardener - highly impressed!

  • R. McCauley
  • 02May 2024

quote Outstanding, arrived punctually per their promise just like they said they would, fantastic pre-appointment communication. Happy with how it looks now and arranged for monthly pruning.

  • Ayden Richards
  • 24Apr 2024

quote Outstanding, right on time as mentioned by the gardeners, superb pre-appointment correspondence. Ecstatic about the finished look and reserved for monthly upkeep.

  • Jasmine
  • 16Apr 2024

quote With genuine kindness and consideration, this team goes above and beyond to deliver an outstanding end result for the project. Without a doubt, I highly recommend their services.

  • Perry E.
  • 08Apr 2024

quote We have had experience with Beautiful Garden Landscapers before and were thoroughly impressed with their services. As a result, we confidently chose to hire them again for additional paving in our backyard. We highly recommend them.

  • Darren
  • 31Mar 2024

quote Our garden wouldn't look half as stunning without the handiwork of these expert gardeners.

  • R. Groves
  • 23Mar 2024

quote The completed work was of highest quality and executed efficiently without major interruptions, leaving us extremely satisfied.

  • Alex P.
  • 15Mar 2024

quote Thanks to this wonderful experience, my lawn looks better than ever before! The gardeners were trustworthy and efficient, and the price was just right.

  • William Hancock
  • 07Mar 2024

quote This wonderful experience truly exceeded my expectations - my lawn is now picture-perfect! The gardeners were trustworthy and quick, and the price was very reasonable.

  • Eleanor Faith
  • 28Feb 2024

quote Efficient discussion backed by reasonable costs.

  • Valencia.
  • 20Feb 2024

quote High-quality communication at a fair cost.

  • Sherry Barton
  • 12Feb 2024

quote A first-class experience all around - that's what I had while using this top-tier gardening service.

  • Heather
  • 04Feb 2024

quote It's rare to find a gardening service that exceeds expectations in every way - but that's exactly what this one did.

  • Madeleine Carr
  • 25Jan 2024

quote Trust me, you won't regret hiring this incredible gardening team - they are worth every penny!

  • T. Spencer
  • 15Jan 2024

quote Thank you for the excellent gardening service, it was truly remarkable! Communication was fantastic!

  • Luke Greggs
  • 20Dec 2023

quote The lawn was outstanding and showed up in perfect condition.

  • Jodie Chipoer
  • 04Dec 2023

quote Brought home an attractive garden and received outstanding customer service.

  • Alice B.
  • 06Nov 2023

quote Immensely fulfilled by their workmanship and workforce. Turned up accurately on time and completed the errand. Swept up the area nicely and used materials carefully.

  • Wilbert M.
  • 19Oct 2023

quote Our garden was a total mess before they arrived, but they turned it around completely - excellent job!

  • Nial Q.
  • 20Jul 2023

quote The gardeners were very polite and diligent with their work. They showed me each step of the process in detail and answered any queries I had. I'm absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

  • Margaret Kelly
  • 07Jul 2023

quote I can't thank BeautifulGarden enough for getting my lawn back to its former glory - they did a wonderful job and provided excellent service.

  • Luke H.
  • 17May 2023

quote Outstanding lawn care solutions from Gardening Services, I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Highly recommend!

  • Stephen
  • 25Apr 2023

quote Outstanding assistance from Gardening Services saves me a great deal of effort not having to complete my own lawn duties.

  • G. Phillips
  • 24Feb 2023

quote We needed professionals to do our lawn mowing and London Gardeners did an outstanding job; I would definitely recommend them in the future.

  • Alicia Smith
  • 26Jan 2023

quote If you need some help with landscaping, I would go with London Gardeners they did a fantastic job for us at our place.

  • Tommy U.
  • 06Aug 2019

quote I used their hedge trimming service and due to the high standard of work I'll certainly use the service again. Beautiful Garden made an awesome impression.

  • V. Caar
  • 03Apr 2019

quote The hedge pruning service was carried out very professionally by Gardening Services. I could tell the team were professionals the moment they arrived, and they didn't disappoint.

  • B. Kisner
  • 29Mar 2019

quote The tree surgery service was cheap - couldn't find such prices anywhere else. That's what initially attracted me to London Gardeners. Then when they actually carried out the service I was blown away. Such a great service for that price! I thought I'd hit the jackpot.

  • Gregg T.
  • 07Mar 2019

quote Beautiful Garden Landscapers sent gardeners to my home. It was a great deal and the work crew is the best.

  • Josh S.
  • 08Feb 2019

quote I needed gardeners to trim my bushes. I hired Gardening Company London. They arrived promptly at my home. The work was effective and cost-efficient.

  • Sam H.
  • 16Jan 2019

quote I was pleased with the professionalism of the gardeners and the accomplished nature of the tasks they completed. It was a great experience using Beautiful Garden Landscapers.

  • Monica K.
  • 20Dec 2018

quote Their landscape gardeners did a terrific job. Thanks to Gardening Services my garden is now the envy of all my friends, of all my neighbours

  • Ruby N.
  • 08Nov 2018

quote I can thoroughly recommend London Gardeners for all garden care needs.

  • Chloe J.
  • 09Oct 2018

quote The gardeners from BeautifulGarden were professional and friendly too. I'll certainly have them working in my garden again.

  • K. Reeves
  • 10Sep 2018

quote The gardeners were punctual and just an all-round great team. I'll certainly be booking with Gardening Services again.

  • Daphne K.
  • 16Aug 2018

quote Tree surgery is a pretty tricky job. London Gardeners made it look incredibly easy. Then again, they are professionals!

  • Ralph M.
  • 02Aug 2018

quote Can't fault this gardening company. Gardening Services were amazing from the get go and right throughout the service.

  • G. Hugh
  • 17Jul 2018

quote I rate the gardeners from London Gardeners incredibly highly. They were brilliant and completed a top job.

  • Martin K.
  • 21Jun 2018

quote The landscape gardeners from London Gardeners did a fab job. I had a design in mind and went to this team to implement it. They were amazing from the get go. When it came time to turn my design into reality, everything went exactly as planned. In fact, it was so perfect, this team actually exceeded my expectations. The end result was more than I could have wished for. I'll definitely be using this company again for other projects.

  • Angela M.
  • 07Jun 2018

quote I hired a professional gardener from Beautiful Garden Landscapers and I'm mightily glad I did. The service was top-notch and great value.

  • D. Richards
  • 29May 2018

quote I find simple gardening tasks like lawn mowing a real struggle. Luckily, due to their prices, I'm able to call on Beautiful Garden to take care of garden-related tasks. Due to their prices, I don't feel guilty about doing so!

  • K. Balls
  • 10May 2018

quote I used London Gardeners the other week for turfing. They did a splendid job. It was money well spent.

  • Nicole H.
  • 12Apr 2018

quote Due to my age, garden maintenance is rather tricky. Luckily, I can call upon London Gardeners to give me a helping hand, and with their prices, I don't feel guilty about hiring such a service either.

  • Sandra S.
  • 26Mar 2018

quote My son always mowed our lawn. Since he left for university, the task has fallen to me. Let me assure you, it is not one that I enjoy. I recently began having Beautiful Garden do the lawn mowing. It was much more affordable than I had anticipated.

  • Ellie G.
  • 19Feb 2018

quote BeautifulGarden has been doing my garden maintenance for awhile now, but I just keep forgetting to post a review. I have been really pleased with their professionalism and rates. I feel like they do a really great job and it doesn't cost a fortune! Since they began working on mine, they've ended up doing several of the neighbours. I am glad I called them, they really do a great job of it.

  • Peter
  • 07Feb 2018

quote Ever since my son went off to university, I have been trying to find the right gardening service and unfortunately I have dealt with plenty of people I will never call again. I tried out Gardening Services at the suggestion of a good friend this time and have been very impressed! They don't leave behind a mess, they aren't intrusive and have been very polite. I think I finally found the best service, and plan to stick with them.

  • K. Gordon
  • 09Jan 2018

quote Garden design is a massive job, so I got the professionals in. London Gardeners worked their magic, and I'm now the proud owner of a stunning back garden. I just can't stop looking at it.

  • William H.
  • 12Dec 2017

quote My lawn was in dire need of some professional attention. Their lawn care team sorted everything out. London Gardeners sure do have experts working at their company.

  • K. Lakeman
  • 04Dec 2017

quote I thought hiring landscape gardeners would cost an arm and a leg. It didn't with Gardening Services. The service was cheap and was carried out to a high standard. I have no complaints, just positive things to say about this company.

  • K. Brody
  • 07Nov 2017

quote As gardeners go, Beautiful Garden Landscapers employ the best. They're skilled and hard-working. I'm so glad I found their details when I did.

  • Claire S.
  • 27Oct 2017

quote I can't rate this gardening company highly enough! Everything about my interactions with Beautiful Garden Landscapers was amazing. The service was just what I wanted out of a professional garden company.

  • Emma J.
  • 04Oct 2017

quote Really pleased I found Gardening Company London's gardening services, they are so good at fitting around my schedule, helping out with ad-hoc requests, and generally keeping my garden looking ship shape. It's been brilliant.

  • H. Loosang
  • 26Sep 2017

quote Gardening Company London really do offer a stress-free way to care for your garden. I called them up to ask them to keep an eye on things while I was away for a while, and now I couldn't live without them. Their gardening services are just what you need, if like me, you don't really have time to do it yourself and want a stress-free life.

  • Kieran Conan
  • 14Sep 2017

quote When looking for a quality, low-cost gardening service I use London Gardeners every time.

  • Amy S.
  • 29Aug 2017

quote Out of all the gardening services I have ever used, Gardening Services was the best!

  • Bill R.
  • 08Aug 2017

quote We just bought a new house and were overwhelmed by the amount of gardening that needed done. I guess we were a little naive! We hired BeautifulGarden to take it over and it looks much better than it did when we were in charge haha! They are very affordable and truly do a great job, we really like them!

  • Audrey W.
  • 27Jul 2017

quote Just had the gardening done by London Gardeners! They have the cheapest service and the best work I've ever seen! I absolutely recommend them to everyone I know! You won't be disappointed!

  • Patricia A.
  • 05Jul 2017

quote My personal life had gotten out of hand, and I had just let my garden turn into a complete mess. I rang up London Gardeners and requested an estimate. It seemed like quite the lucrative deal, so I hired them to do my landscaping. Excellent work.

  • Stanton C.
  • 28Jun 2017

quote I am completely satisfied with the quality of work I received from Beautiful Garden Landscapers. Their prices are reasonable, and the workers were helpful, well-mannered and reliable. I trust them implicitly when it comes to my garden maintenance.

  • Elspeth Berkshire
  • 13Jun 2017

quote I used their hedge trimming and garden care services a few weeks ago and was extremely pleased with the end result. We got a great discount and a brilliant service. Will hire Beautiful Garden again!

  • Kath Riley
  • 31May 2017

quote Absolutely fantastic, cost-effective service. Did all of the garden care we needed for a great price. Great work BeautifulGarden.

  • Mark Ashford
  • 10May 2017

quote I was in need of quick and easy gardeners services and Gardening Company London provided a top-notch service and timely work.

  • Jack M.
  • 24Apr 2017

quote The gardeners came in and took care of my garden with the same attention to detail that I have for it. Couldn't have asked for a better service, thank you Beautiful Garden.

  • Steven
  • 07Apr 2017

quote Let's just say that I decided to go out and do my own hedges. I did not do so great a job. As a result, I needed a professional gardener. I called Beautiful Garden Landscapers. The arrived on time and provided an excellent gardening service at quite a nice price. Thank you!

  • Lambert Jameson
  • 22Mar 2017

quote London Gardeners sent gardeners who really knew what they were doing. If you are anything like me and don't know a weed from a perennial then you need to give these people a call. They are affordable and efficient. I can't recommend them highly enough.

  • Margie G.
  • 17Mar 2017

quote Used their low-cost hedge trimming service and I am happy with the result. Would highly recommend Beautiful Garden!

  • Laura
  • 10Feb 2017

quote The most reliable gardeners ever! Hired London Gardeners to help me dispose of a pile of garden waste and was amazed at their speed and efficiency!

  • H. White
  • 18Jan 2017

quote I decided to hire a garden maintenance service because I didn't have the time to handle the task on my own. I contacted London Gardeners and they offered me a great deal. Now I have a wonderful garden and pay a low price to get it!

  • N. Mcmahon
  • 07Dec 2016

quote Hired London Gardeners for patio cleaning a month ago and received a great service at low cost.

  • W. Saunders
  • 15Nov 2016

quote Getting down and dirty in the garden isn't my thing. Thankfully it's what Gardening Company London do best. They carried out their garden care service splendidly, and I'm incredibly thankful for all the hard work and the nice cost.

  • Jimmy H.
  • 28Oct 2016

quote It was important to me that my garden was clean, healthy and looked after when my grandchildren played in it. My first priority was to make sure the lawn was cut regularly, but at my age that can be difficult. I thought I had to then hire someone to do it and now I work with Beautiful Garden. They have been doing my grass cutting excellently and always make sure it is safe and healthy. My grandchildren can now play in my garden without worry and I can enjoy a great lawn, all thanks to this top team.

  • Betty Jones
  • 29Sep 2016

quote Gardening Services are a great company for gardening. They've helped to transform my garden over the past few months and they've done a brilliant job. They work very carefully with great attention to detail. All in all, this is a brilliant garden care service!

  • Ben
  • 30Aug 2016

quote I was quite pleased with BeautifulGarden and the quality of service provided. From the very beginning, all the details of initial inspection and submitting a quotation to the actual laying of the lawn were done with a focus on high quality. They made sure to use good materials and were polite and prompt in all their interactions. The finished work looks absolutely stunning and brings us great pleasure every time we look at it.

  • Bella H.
  • 20Jul 2016

quote I've had a dog for many years and my lawn had become an absolute mess! However, Beautiful Garden offered me a great rate on lawn planting and now my lawn is lush and green again!

  • Rita Carroll
  • 25May 2016

quote From the moment I first made contact with BeautifulGarden, I knew that I had made the right choice. Their gardeners were knowledgeable, hard workers and were clearly experienced and skilled at their profession. The price I paid for the job was also very reasonable, so all in all it was a brilliant cost-effective service that did wonders to the state of my garden.

  • E. Foreman
  • 01Apr 2016

quote Nobody likes doing tedious jobs like weeding, when there are so many other things you could be doing with your time. That is why I hire BeautifulGarden whenever I have any garden job that needs doing. They arrive on time, get on with their task, and do not charge over the odds. All in all, I haven't found a better company than this one. They are brilliant!

  • Jasmine Follows
  • 24Feb 2016

quote I had an old tree that had needed removing for a long time. I kept putting if off until I saw Beautiful Garden's offer. I felt this was the convenient solution I needed so I gave them a call. They came to my home and felled that tree for me safely and quickly. I wish I'd called them ages ago.

  • Dora Spencer
  • 15Jan 2016

quote I was put off hiring a team of gardening professionals for a long time because I believed them to be expensive and their services out of my price range. A friend told me about London Gardeners and how affordable they were so I decided to call them up. I am so happy that I did because now I have them come regularly to deal with leaf collection for me. Big thanks to the whole team!

  • Wilma Roberson
  • 05Jan 2016

quote I hired Beautiful Garden Landscapers for a hedge trimming service and they did a great job for the money. The hedge was out of shape and looked a mess so I knew it was time for a trim! The gardening experts came equipped with the proper machinery and safety gear and got to work. They made a lovely job and tidied up afterwards, too! The hedge looks really neat and back in shape!

  • Marilyn Watson
  • 03Dec 2015

quote I needed some help with the general garden at my workplace and hired London Gardeners. I wanted to give a good impression and thought having a neat outside space would help. The gardeners were amazing and did a great job. They helped with the grass cutting, weeding and planting, and made the borders and area around the car park look lovely. The cost was sensible and the workers, hard-working. Thanks. I will certainly tell everyone about the amazing work!

  • Kathleen Miller
  • 17Nov 2015

quote Gardening Services did the weeding for me when I fell and couldn't move too well. I loved gardening but just couldn't do any of it since the accident. I hired the gardeners to help with the weeding in particular, but they helped with the lawn mowing, too. The service was low cost and done really well!

  • Howard
  • 04Nov 2015

quote Beautiful Garden were brilliant when I wanted a lawn mowing service. I was fed up with the chore as I was so busy with work and decided to hire help. This company sent a gardener on a weekly basis to do the grass cutting. The cost is low and service, brilliant.

  • Nancy H.
  • 20Oct 2015

quote I moved house and some of the trees in the new place were hanging over the shed and garage. So in order not to cause damage to the rooftops I needed to cut them down urgently. My new neighbour gave me the name of a company that could help, called Beautiful Garden. The gardeners were on the ball and soon sorted the mess out! It didn't cost the earth and was done with care and caution, following all necessary health and safety regulations.

  • Cheryl Ross
  • 09Oct 2015

quote I have really never tended to my garden. I've always left it to my husband to take care of but on this particular occasion he was out of town and I wanted to give him a surprise on his return. But I wasn't prepared to start doing some gardening, especially because the garden was in a really bad state after a storm. I called London Gardeners, heard what they had to say, listened to their price plan and went ahead and booked with them. They were fantastic and my husband was shocked to see what they had managed to achieve.

  • Nora P.
  • 30Sep 2015

quote I recently moved into a lovely two-storey house with a small garden. However, the previous owner was evidently no avid gardener and the outdoor area was a bit neglected. I hired London Gardeners to redesign the space for me and they came up with an ingenious landscaping project, which they also turned into reality. I now have a very cosy small garden that matches the style of my house perfectly. Thank you!

  • Libby S.
  • 25Sep 2015

quote London Gardeners provided the top notch one-off gardening I needed. They were able to do every chore necessary for a clean and healthy garden, faster than I ever could have done it myself. The results they provided were fantastic and I will definitely be hiring them again.

  • Marcus B.
  • 02Sep 2015

quote I have never been one for gardening, so my backyard had quickly become a disaster. I wanted things to be restored to normal, so I got Beautiful Garden Landscapers to handle the task. They saw to every gardening chore for me, making sure that things looked good and the garden was healthy.

  • Jane Park
  • 25Aug 2015

quote I love to sit in the garden during a sunny day. I grab every opportunity to relax under the sun, as long as the weather in England permits. But my garden was always in a mess. I finally decided to call in the experts to sort out my garden. The gardeners from London Gardeners not only handled lawn moving but also gave me tips on garden maintenance. Great work and awesome team! I will definitely be recommending your service to my neighbours. I am now a proud owner of a beautiful garden.

  • Mark P.
  • 18Aug 2015

quote My husband and I have commissioned the team from London Gardeners to assist us with the designing and maintaining the garden of a property that we recently purchased. They not only advised us on how to maintain the garden but also shared some brilliant designs for the space. I must say that these professional gardeners have been pleasant to work with; they have been diligent and hard working. They took into consideration all our requirements and gave our garden the makeover it badly required. I highly recommend them for any gardening service.

  • Jean Walker
  • 06Aug 2015

quote The team from Beautiful Garden has been maintaining the sprawling garden outside my office building. They are highly professional; they keep to their schedules and work hard to keep our garden looking great. The garden has now started flourishing with beautiful plants and flowers. I am so thrilled that they have given such a wonderful transformation to the otherwise drab garden. The driveway and patio now look welcoming. Thank you for maintaining our office garden.

  • Leo M.
  • 30Jul 2015

quote My wife and I had just moved into a new house; everything was perfect except for the garden which had been left in an absolute mess. We were far too busy to even attempt sorting out the mess ourselves, but thankfully London Gardeners were on hand to lend some much needed help. Their team of gardeners went through the mess like it was nothing, and very soon we had a beautiful garden that we couldn't wait to enjoy and make proper use of. Thank you for a brilliant service!

  • Archibald R.
  • 20Jul 2015

quote I've been looking for a gardening company for a while now, but they all seem to be overpriced or consist of an inexperienced team of gardeners. This is certainly not the case with Gardening Services. Their experience and professionalism showed when they got to work on my garden, sorting out my patio, lawn, trees and hedges quickly and to an incredibly high standard. To top it off, the service was very affordably priced, so I implore anyone in need of a gardening service to give their company a try.

  • Deborah
  • 13Jul 2015

quote I run a voluntary football club for some boys in the area who are from under-privileged backgrounds. At the end of every season London Garden Designers comes to do the lawn mowing and any lawn planting that's necessary. They don't have to but they charge me an even lower rate than their usually low prices. Their work enables me to continue giving local kids something good to focus on.

  • Gerry Galbraith
  • 03Jul 2015

quote I had just moved into a house and there was a whole load of rubbish strewn everywhere in the garden. I just had to get rid of it but didn't really know where to start. My friend told me about Beautiful Garden who arrived promptly and cleared all the waste in the back yard. I recommend their garden waste removal services - they're great value too!

  • Roger D.
  • 23Jun 2015

quote In the few months I spent abroad on a work assignment, my back garden had fallen into disrepair. When I came back, I didn't know where to start. However, a neighbour recommended that I hired Gardening Services and boy am I glad I listened to her advice! Their gardening professionals completely transformed my garden. They did a thorough garden clean up and handled all the trimming and hedging required. I have decided to help me with regular garden maintenance in the future too.

  • Andrew T.
  • 12Jun 2015

quote Our garden is small and so I couldn't think of many ideas to create a new look for the front yard. We employed Beautiful Garden to take up this tedious task and the end result was incredible. In just three days they not only tidied up the garden but also created a design that made our garden look a lot bigger and spacious. I must say that the talented lot with their years of experience have gifted me with a new garden that I am proud of. I will surely be approaching them in the near future for garden maintenance.

  • Daisy Fraizer
  • 02Jun 2015

quote The team of London Gardeners have been carrying out full range lawn maintenance for us, including leaf clearance, weed control and landscaping. I have found this company to be reliable, honest and hardworking. The best part is that they are willing to accommodate your schedule and are also available in all weathers. The kind of work they carry out in just a single day is impressive. Their knowledge of plant care and seasonal needs of the garden is commendable. Definitely one of the best gardening companies I have come across in recent years.

  • June Reid
  • 22May 2015

quote Thanks to the garden design services of BeautifulGarden, I am now able to make the most of my outdoor space. Their creative use of gardening materials and plants completely transformed my garden. I now have a beautiful garden that I am proud of. I am so happy with the results that I am now continuing to use their garden maintenance services.

  • Tim Stevens
  • 12May 2015

quote When my family and I returned from our month long holiday in Italy, we were shocked to see that our garden had been overgrown. I was of the view that approaching a landscape gardener would mean digging a deep hole in my wallet. But my friend recommended BeautifulGarden and I thought I would give them a try. I was amazed with the efficiency of the team and the new look they gave to my backyard. The best bit was that all this work did not cost me a fortune; it was an absolute value for money. I am now looking forward to our next barbeque in the garden!

  • Greg S.
  • 02May 2015

quote I thought that my garden was a lost cause. My lawn was dying, my plants were a shambles, my bushes and hedges were wild and I was sick of having to look at such an overrun garden! A friend suggested I call London Garden Designers, and I'm very glad that I did! The help I received was fantastic, and the gardener was lovely and really talented. My garden's starting to look fabulous, and I'm really glad I didn't need to have my lawn replanted! Thanks!

  • Colin
  • 22Apr 2015

quote I've always wanted to have a garden I could be proud of, but I just haven't got a clue when it comes to planting and caring for my garden. My neighbour recently hired gardening services from BeautifulGarden and was so impressed that she suggested I give them a go. I wasn't expecting much for the price, but my gardener did an excellent job with my planting and lawn care! My garden looks better than I ever hoped it could, and it's all thanks to this company!

  • Jamie
  • 12Apr 2015

quote Beautiful Garden have worked complete wonders with my garden and I couldn't be happier with their friendly gardeners! I'm an avid gardener, but my new home's garden was a complete state, with so many weeds and an unkempt lawn - there was no way I could work with that! This company, however, worked really quickly to restore it to a manageable condition. I was very happy with this service and would use again, especially because of how affordable it was!

  • Diane
  • 02Apr 2015

quote The previous owners were not kind to this garden. I dread to think what their dog must've done in the thicket if the patio is anything to go by. Thankfully, this wasn't our problem. We found a great gardening service who took care of it for us. BeautifulGarden have been fantastic. We went through a full landscaping procedure with them and we're so glad we did, otherwise we'd be fearing the unknown state of the garden, as left behind by people who evidently didn't care about the garden at all. It now looks lovely.

  • Bertha H.
  • 23Mar 2015

quote A beautiful house and a messy garden does no favours to the efforts made indoors. I thought it looked like it was time to get the garden sorted out, so I had a look around on the internet for gar-dening professionals who look like they could really cope with the magnitude of the task I was of-fering. Surely enough, BeautifulGarden was a great choice. They cut all the bushes back into line, cleaned all the leaves up, got rid of all the weeds and tended to the lawn so it looked just perfect. I'm happy to have made the right choice and I'd tell everyone to do the same.

  • Samantha
  • 13Mar 2015

quote Lawn care isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but someone has to do it. Thanks to BeautifulGarden, that is no longer me! Excellent! I now have a gardener who comes round when I need him to do the lawn, weeds, flowerbeds and hedges. I don't need to think about doing the gar-den any more so that buys me valuable me-time. Reliable gardeners have been hard for me to find, so you can imagine my delight right now upon finding my dream company.

  • Morris
  • 03Mar 2015

quote The weeds in my garden are so resilient I've actually needed to call in BeautifulGarden, who have a specialist weed team ready to come and get them blasted away. They wouldn't be dug out, pulled out or killed with any domestic chemicals, but BeautifulGarden managed to get rid of them in a few days since it took time for them to die of weedkiller. Now I hire them for lawn maintenance to make sure it doesn't happen again. From now on, it's just a nice simple garden without weeds!

  • Lucia
  • 21Feb 2015

quote London Gardeners are a fantastic gardening company, and they're definitely the best one I've ever used! The gardeners here are really great at listening to your needs, and my gardeners did an excellent job with my hedges and lawn. There are lots of services to choose from, which is great if you have a lot of garden problems, and the prices are very good for what is a highly professional service. I can't fault this company, and I can't praise them enough for their help!

  • Luke
  • 11Feb 2015

quote The new house was lovely but the garden was a right state. Looking at all those weeds we didn't know where to start, so we got in touch with BeautifulGarden who seemed to have good feedback. They came and they did a lot of their gardening car services for us and are currently working on a new garden design! Now it is all tidy and clean I can't wait to see what they come up with. It's nice to be working with creative people who can also come and get the job done efficiently and cheaply.

  • Martin
  • 05Feb 2015

quote I used the same gardening company for many years, but after a change in staff I noticed a decline in the services provided, so started to look for another company. A neighbour told me about his good experiences with London Gardeners so I decided to give them a go. Not only are they cheaper than my previous company, but they offer more services and they do a better job as well! I wish I'd changed to this company before now - I'd recommend them to everyone!

  • Lucy
  • 26Jan 2015

quote Everyone's garden NEEDS BeautifulGarden! No matter how well you think you keep it, these guys can do it better. I was blown away by how fast they were at getting the job done. They didn't just potter around and waste money, this was an efficient, affordable operation. They gave me their lawn repair and restoration service since mine was primarily weeds. Lawn care is one of the hard-est parts of keeping a nice garden, but now I don't have to worry at all because my new gardener has it covered!

  • Barry J.
  • 18Jan 2015

quote If you want to keep your garden clean and tidy, some element of your life will suffer. That's what I found before I started using BeautifulGarden for any kind of outside maintenance. They do my patio cleaning, weed killing, leaf collection and grass cutting, and it doesn't cost me much at all. It improves my life more than it costs me because I am essentially paying for a lot of great leisure time which is 100% worth it if you ask me for my opinion. This is one customer they will be keeping!

  • Lesley
  • 08Jan 2015

quote I'm useless at pretty much everything which requires you to be in tune with anything but a computer. Since I have a garden, I might as well keep it clean but I'm really not great at doing it. I'm more of an inside person. I called BeautifulGarden after finding them on the internet with great reviews and very affordable prices. They came and trimmed the hedges which always blight my passage to the shop. They came and cut the grass which conceals paper bags blown in from the city centre. All in all, it is a perfect paradise!

  • Wallace
  • 29Dec 2014

quote I'm very glad that I hired London Gardeners for my garden. I needed garden clearance help, as well as lawn mowing and some general upkeep in time for a garden party I was throwing. The teams of gardeners worked well together, and everything was completed really quickly and to a high standard. I couldn't find one fault with the company, and it was very cheap too! I'd hire again because of their fantastic work, friendly and positive attitudes and the result I saw!

  • Rebecca
  • 19Dec 2014

quote I have been led to believe, one way or another, that household services are for people who have more money than sense, but now I've realised they are for people with more responsibilities than time. And, in the case of BeautifulGarden, it's not expensive at all. I was surprised with how affordable they were to hire after seeing the amazing results they got out of our relatively terrible garden. This is definitely a company I will be working with in the future; next week, most likely.

  • Rose
  • 16Dec 2014

quote I despise gardening, but I like nothing more than relaxing in a lush green garden in the summer months. This year I decided that hiring a professional gardening company would be a good idea, and I picked Beautiful Garden Landscapers based on a friend's recommendations. This is a professional and efficient service, and the friendly gardeners have turned my garden into a lovely paradise just for me! I'll definitely continue to use this service as my garden's never looked better!

  • Jasmine
  • 16Dec 2014

quote I've used the service of many gardening companies in my time, some better than others, but all of them seemed to waste my time and money in one way or another. I called BeautifulGarden after hearing on the internet that they are very efficient and don't mess around. I thought “perfect!” and arranged for them to come and cut the grass every weekend, clean the patio once a month and spray for weeds as needed. So far I haven't been disappointed. They turn up at the same time on the dot each session and work hard and efficiently. I am writing this to tell everyone that this is the company you need!

  • Brianna J.
  • 06Dec 2014

quote What's the point in cutting the grass if it grows back within a few days? Of course, it's lovely when it looks tidy but the ratio of effort to reward is all out of balance. That's why BeautifulGarden come and do it for me! They do such a great job I never want to lift a finger in the garden again. I'm satisfied with just enjoying it in the evenings and having birthday barbecues on the patio, that's all I need from it, not hassle, work and menial labour; especially when I have a great gardener who can do all of that for me. BeautifulGarden come highly recommended from me and all the other satisfied people they've worked with.

  • Harriet K.
  • 26Nov 2014

quote Gardening professionals don't usually come cheap, especially those as good as BeautifulGarden. They have done the grass cutting, leaf collection, patio cleaning and lawn planting over the time we have worked with them. We really needed the hedge trimming because it was getting in the way of people on the pavement. I'm glad we don't have to bother with that any more because it is a big job. We will certainly be calling them again for their services as they have proven themselves to be great value for money and skilled at what they do.

  • Lucinda S.
  • 16Nov 2014

quote There's a fine line in the hobby of gardening; when you're young you don't have the time to potter around in the garden pulling weeds and when you retire you are usually not fit to do it for long. Unfortunately I think I'm past the point of having effort to sort it out and I have given the task to BeautifulGarden. I couldn't find a more eligible service in the local area no matter how hard I looked. They offered all of the important services as a package, including weed control, hedge trimming, patio cleaning, lawn mowing and garden waste removal. All at a low price. What more could you want?

  • Max
  • 06Nov 2014