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How To Create A Garden For The Senses In Chelsea

30Jun 2015

garden design

We already know the benefits of the great outdoors and how important spending time with nature is good for our health. Lots of therapy retreats and detox getaways are all done amongst natural surroundings and for good reason. We feel connected and comforted by the sounds and peace that the natural world has to offer. But what if there was not need to spend all that money on an expensive getaway when you can recreate the experience in your own garden in Chelsea year round. Get ready to relax and unwind with these tips on how to turn your regular garden into a sensory one.

planting fragrant flowers

1.    Smell and planting the right plants. We all mostly know which plants are supposed to make us feel which ways from the tea we drink and oils we buy. Planting these plants in your gardening in Chelsea, SW3 will give off there fragrances and awaken your senses. Camomile and lavender are calming scents and they also attract bees and butterflies, giving off a sense of calm. Look into what needs you might particularity have and what herbs or flowers are suggested in homeopathic medicine. Making a little area for you to sit and relax surrounded by these plants can really help your body and mind.

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2.    Sounds. Sounds create wonderful energy and vibrations, they can have a real healing effect. Lots of singing bowls and symbols are used as sound therapy and are often used today in yoga and meditation to calm and sooth the mind. Hanging wind chimes can add that twinkle into the background of your garden in SW10 and help you let go of the thoughts of the day. If you can add in a water feature then the trickling will be amazing, if not you can always cheat by bringing out a music. Or even using some of the apps now available on your phone.

lawn maintenance

3.    Sight. Seeing grass and greenery naturally helps us to relax, if you don’t already have a lawn then look into lawn planting options. You may want to look into lawn restoration and repair in SW3 if you have a lawn but it’s not looking as green as it used to. Layer some colourful flowers around the edges of your garden if you can. All those natural sights and flashes of colour will be satisfying. If you have a smaller garden then you can still create the effect or greenery using pots and troughs. Pick your colours wisely. More importantly make sure your garden is something you want to look at, look into garden waste removal, or leaf collection if you have some junk lying around.

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4.    Taste. Okay so you don’t want to go round and eat your garden in Chelsea, but you can add some herbs that you can use during cooking. Or even just to break some off and take in the scent. Growing small fruit trees may be easier than you think and can look beautiful as well as being practical. If you really want to get into getting a sensory garden then it might be a good idea to talk to a landscape gardener. Gardening experts can give you fantastic advice on what to add to your garden as well as helping you with the upkeep.

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Most importantly find the time to spend in your garden so that you can really make the most of what your natural therapy area has to offer. Make a point of enjoying your morning coffee out there as the birds start getting into song. The more you can find the time to relax in your space the better effects it will have.

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