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How to Select the Right Gardening Tools For Your Garden in West Hampstead

17Jun 2015

gardening tools

For doing your own gardening in West Hampstead you must ensure that you're always selecting the right type of tools, no matter what happens. It's less of a headache when you have hired a gardening company to work for you. However, when you decide to take matters into your own hands it's always wise to know which type of gardening tools you will be using. You may have seen gardeners use specific types of tools, yet you're unsure of what you need to buy and what the appropriate pricing is. Below, we have created a small list that ensures you know what you're doing:

select a rake
1) Rake. You should always endeavour to have two different types of rakes in West Hampstead, NW6. The first rake should be a hand rake. It should be something that you can use to collect leaves from tighter places and parts of the garden. The bigger rake should be a tool that you use for leaf collection, especially during the autumn, when you're cleaning out the garden and have a wider surface area that you need to manage.

2) Gardening knife. A gardening knife is essential in order to be able to cut small bulbs and twigs off smaller plants. You can use shears; however a knife due to having a straight blade can take off a clean swipe without having to do the awkward dance of having a shear getting stuck in between branches.

garden shears
3) Garden shears. Probably one of the most important parts of gardening it is imperative to own a pair in the NW3 area! You can quickly trim stubborn grass as well as edging beds and paths with these. You will often see a gardener using his/her shears to cut out any excessive twigs and branches as well as take care of plants that are overgrown.

4) Hedge trimmer. The hedge trimmer is a common gardening tool for anyone who has a large hedge or bushes around their garden in NW11. Lots of people opt for an electric trimmer because it works quicker and the running blade is able to get closer to all the parts that you want to trim off quickly. They come at reasonable prices and they are something that you can use repeatedly.

buy a good shovel
5) Shovel. A shovel works best especially when you are looking to plant a plant as well as dig a hole for something. It can be a rock pool or to install a fountain, either way this is one of the necessary tools that every budding gardener invests into.

6) Digging fork. Whilst most people may not see the difference between a fork and a spade, a fork can get deeper into the ground due to leverage. It also helps lift bulbs and perennials in any type of garden as well as dig into unbroken soil that a spade or a shovel may find tricky to break into.

tree pruning equipment
7) Pruner. Many aspiring gardeners in West Hampstead seem to miss the pruner out; however they soon find that they need to invest in one because it is challenging to cut branches without one, especially if they are more than an inch thick. These are the type that you would find on trees, generally.

garden maintenance equipment
Your gardening tool set won't always be complete especially when you are just starting out in gardening, but when you invest into these 7, you will likely find your work cut out because they often cover quite a lot of things in the garden. As you progress, you can invest in more as your knowledge increases!

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