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Removing Garden Waste after a Clean out

04 August 2016

garden waste removal

So you’ve just had a much needed garden clean up. This is never an easy task and can result in considerable green waste and plant off-cuts that need to be disposed of. There are many ways you can recycle garden waste after a garden clearance, but some things need to be disposed of correctly. This article provides a rough guide of how to remove garden waste after a clean out.

First of all, it is worth keeping in mind that there are many professional gardening services that can remove garden waste. If you are having a big garden clearance and re-landscaping the garden, this can be a good solution to dealing with garden. Most green waste removal services can dispose of tree cuttings, lawn cuttings, lopped trees, old plants as well as bricks, rocks and paving materials.

green waste clearance
For smaller garden tidy ups, there are some basic solutions to removing garden waste. Creating a garden compost is an eco-friendly and economical way to recycle your garden waste. Not only does this provide a place for garden waste to go, but compost is enriched when kitchen food scraps and waste are added to. Composting has the ability to reduce household waste and rubbish by up 30 per cent. It can also be used a fertiliser to keep the garden soil healthy and well nourished.

When having a garden clean out, there are some things in particular that you should pay attention to. Some of these include:

-    Removing rotten fruit from the base of trees

-    Cleaning out old annuals and weeds so that they don’t drop seeds

-    Raking up disposed leaves around roses and other plants

-    Removing diseased and damaged vegetables from the vegetable patch

-    Clearing away dead branches from fruit trees and rose bushes

tidy garden

After the garden clean up is complete, it is important to tend to caring for the garden again. A clean out can involve a lot of soil movement and disruption for plants, so to ensure your garden will continue growing healthily after a clean out, consider the following:

-    Fertilise the soil after all dead and damaged foliage has been removed

-    Update the lawn with a slow-release complete lawn feed and water thoroughly

-    Re-pot plants to rejuvenate the potting mix and give them a new lease on life

-    Trimming and hedging is important during a clean out for trees, shrubs and hedges

-    Top up mulch after removing weeds and encroaching grass

hedge trimming
When having a garden clearance, don’t forget to take note of features in the backyard as well as the plants. Check the outdoor furniture and sitting areas to see what condition they’re in. Wooden furniture may need to be repainted and oiled. Check the structures you have in your backyard – from patios to decking, ornamental umbrellas and benches – double check the nuts and bolts and make sure everything is tightened. This is also important for children’s swing sets and play equipment if relevant.

patio maintenance
If you have any type of water feature, during a garden clean up is an opportune time to do some maintenance here. Remove all accumulated leaves and rubbish that have found their way into the water. If you have pond plants growing, take away any dead stems so that fresh plants have a better chance at growing. If algae have occurred, scoop this out. This will make the water healthier and more presentable.

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